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Saffire Hospitality is a Technology Driven Sustainability Focused Hotel Management company. With solid goals and expert team on creating/developing, converting, managing and soft branding hotels from 10-1000's of rooms with digitized management systems that focuses on eco friendly tech products, services  with the local connection, flair, vibe of a unique design and operations to capture the expectations of travelers who are also eco constious.

In Addition to our traditional services mentioned, Nesli Loren, Founder, CEO of Saffire Hospitality also provides unparallel Business Growth, Strategic advisory services to various Busineses vertical and non vertical to the Hospitality Space.



Saffire Spark, Sustainable Hotels

Saffire Spark is our Soft Brand, for those hotels looking to change the way they conduct their business, and or the ones looking to develop hotel projects that are Sustainable, thoughtful, authentic, future focused in helping sustain a healthy eco friendly future with their unique DNA, Identity, style and capture the new audience of Eco Friendly, Green Focused Travelers.


Saffire Hotel Management, has the capabilities of both Remote Hotel Management, as well as Full Service hands-on Hotel/Resort Management services with focus on Independent Hotels.  Creating an even play ground for Independent Hotels to compete with Branded Hotels, with the technology staks we utilize through our third party partners that will be custom selected to fit each individual hotels DNA and Goals, is one of our utmost important missions which compliments our experienced, ROI, Guest and Employee Satisfaction style Overall Management performance for healthier and consistent growth.


Saffire Hotel
Soft Branding

Independent Sustainable Hotels

with Saffire Spark

Saffire Hotels, via Saffire Spark soft Branding is not a Franchising system. It is a combination of our brand identity that will compliment the very specific location, personality and services of your hotel, combined with the smart technology that will be hand picked and curated to fit to your needs, while we help with building or converting your hotel(s) to a Eco Friendly, Green Certified, Sustainable Property that will help you cut costs, gain incremental revenues, Increase your ADR, your Reputation and Presence in your Market, while assuring you are part of a greater and greener mission of helping create a long term global initiative of a sustainable footprint.


Saffire Technology is a combination of yesterday, today and the future to assure we are still using what is relevant, while addressing what is needed ahead in the technology platforms and combinations hotels utilize to reach peak performance both on hotel management as well as with guest communications and ease of tech can bring in overall guest satisfaction to the hotels and to those who manage the assets.

We hand Pick our Technology Partners and Programs, that will work with a customized scheme to assure its a good sustainable solution platform for your hotel(s).  From PMS to Guest Engagment, to the world class Loyalty Program that is shared across all Independent Sustainable Hotels under our portfolio, our tech packages will compliment your Hotels Growth with Smart Features and with Technology to Drive Direct Bookings from Global Sources while creating a sustainable business eco system within the local communities the hotels are located in.


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Our Technology Driven Hotel Management, Sales and Operations Platform is inclusive of everything you need to manage, report and grow your Hotel in real time Today!

Let us Review your Hotel needs, and create a custom platform via our tech partners that will specifically be the healthiest choice for your specific hotel that is inclusive of our Saffire Spark Soft Brand.


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